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  • Commentaries from Peter Goodman and Walt Rubel
  • Puentes a la comunidad (Bridges to the Community) with Emily Guerra
  • Healthwatch updates to keep the region safe and provide information about important health topics
  • Fronteras interviews with Anthony Moreno

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We begin with the tragic news of the death of Dr. Karen Trujillo, Las Cruces Public Schools Superintendent.  She died Thursday night after being hit by a minivan while walking her dogs.

We also report on how the Las Cruces Public Schools has been coping with remote learning.

Plus…we’ll talk with New Mexico residents who are traveling to Texas to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

And…what is the state of the city? We’ll hear Mayor Ken Miyagishima’s assessment of where we stand in the City of the Crosses.

Finally, we continue our six-part series on New Mexico’s rural heritage.  This week, a look at education in the state during parts of the 20th century.

Another busy week of news, and we have you covered.

We have the region’s in-depth report on how the Las Cruces Public Schools plans to increase in-person learning starting next week.

Plus…Senator Jeff Steinborn has introduced legislation that would allow communities to offer electric utility service.

And…where are the state and national economies headed?  We have an in-depth look at New Mexico State University’s Economic Outlook Conference.

We also begin a six-part series on New Mexico’s rural heritage.  This week, a look at life in the state without many of the modern conveniences we enjoy today.

It's a busy week for regional news, and we have you covered.  

In 2020, Las Cruces passed a Climate Action Plan pledging a 19% reduction in greenhouse  gas emissions by 2030,  and now, the City Council is taking steps to meet the goal. We have the details.

Meeting the goal of equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution is a major challenge for New Mexico and other states.  We have an in-depth look at the challenges facing seniors and we'll hear from a veteran physician to get his thoughts on improving the vaccination process.  

We'll also learn about the continuing efforts to legalize cannabis in New Mexico.  And, we'll hear Peter Goodman's commentary on a proposal to bring universal health coverage to the state.

This week, two in-depth local reports on very different controversial issues.  The Las Cruces City Council condemed Rep. Yvette Herrell's vote against certification of some votes in the Presidential election.  We'll also take you to a Las Cruces School Board meeting that went for hours, as the Board debated a return to in-person learning.  It's part of a future hybrid plan, in which students spend part of the week at school while still learning at home.

We'll also take y0u to Santa Fe for the latest on the New Mexico legislative session.  That includes a conversation with Rep. Angelica Rubio, who is one of the legislators pushing for a paid sick leave law in the state.  We'll examine continuing efforts to reign in high interest short-term loans in the state.  And, we'll hear about a statewide effort asking Rep. Yvette Herrell to resign after her vote against certification of some votes in the Presidential election.

All that, plus the week's other top stories and commentator Walt Rubel's thoughts on allowing fans to participate in Superbowl Sunday during the pandemic.

This week, part 2 of our preview of the New Mexico legislative session.  And, we'll hear a portion of this week's State of the State address delivered by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.  We also present an in-depth local report on the status of New Mexico COVID-19 vaccine distribution.  And, commentator Peter Goodman's thoughts on the transition of power in Washington, D.C.

All that, plus a conversation about the future of Las Cruces with city councilor Johana Bencomo. 

KRWG News This Week - Inauguration; New Mexico Legislative Session

Jan 22, 2021

It was an extraordinary week, and we bring you some of the most interesting highlights.  That includes National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman reading her poem "The Hill We Climb" at President Joe Biden's inauguration.

One of Biden's top priorities is climate change.  New Mexico is one of the fastest warming states.  And we learn how Las Cruces is working to address the challenge with various efforts to mitigate the effects of a hotter planet.

We'll also bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the New Mexico Legislative session.  An in-depth report focuses on measures supported by local officials, including the legalization of recreational cannabis.  Plus, we'll learn about a proposal to make the redistricting process more transparent.  And, commentator Walt Rubel says the virtual session format may increase productivity, allowing for more legislation to make it to the Governor's desk.

It's an extraordinaary hour this week, after an unprecedented period in U.S. History.  President Donald Trump became the first U.S. president to be impeached twice.  We'll hear from New Mexico U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, who was at the Capitol during the insurrection.  He talks about the danger that day and his thoughts on Trump's actions during the attack.

A diverse mix of New Mexico and Texas residents talk about the insurrection and the current polticial climate in the country.  And, we'll hear thoughts from commentator Peter Goodman.

This week, local officials talk about the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, including New Mexico U.S. Senator Ben Ray Luján.  On a much more pleasant note, we hear about a new park coming to an East Mesa neighborhood in Las Cruces.  Fred Martino highlights the economic and environmental benefits of parks with some timely research.  Envrionmental relief is more important than ever in New Mexico, as the state faces enormous challenges due to climate change; we'll take a closer look at that issue and the opportunities it presents with the renewable energy business.  All that, plus more of the week's top stories and Walt Rubel's thoughts on federal executions during a lame duck Presidency.

KRWG News This Week - COVID-19 Update; Recreational Cannabis, Part 2

Dec 17, 2020


  On the program this week, two in-depth local reports:  A look at the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in New Mexico and supporters are rallying behind a proposal for required paid sick leave in the state. 

Plus, we continue our series on the proposal to legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico.  Last week, we heard from state legislators who support the idea.  This week, we talk with two producers for the state's medical marijuana program.

All that, plus more of the week's top stories and Walt Rubel's commentary on the dysfunction in the U.S. Senate.

KRWG News This Week - COVID-19 Update; Recreational Cannabis

Dec 10, 2020

On the program this week, two in-depth local reports:  New Mexico State University is preparing to help the state with its COVID-19 vaccination plans and the city of Las Cruces looks to lower business registration fees. 

Plus, we'll start a new series on the proposal to legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico.  This week, a conversation with some state legislators who support the idea.  They say it's not just good business, but also an important social justice effort.

All that, plus more of the week's top stories and Walt Rubel's commentary on the need for Congress to approve more COVID-19 relief funding.

KRWG News This Week - COVID-19 Update

Dec 2, 2020

On the program this week, two in-depth local reports:  New Mexico is moving to a county-by-county system to determine COVID-19 restrictions and a look at delays in testing.  

Plus, we'll see how hospitals in the Mountain West are already accepting COVID patients from other states.  Some of those places transferring patients have loose restrictions, including Texas.  We'll examine how Republican state legislatures, which normally emphasize local control, are doing just the opposite with the pandemic, blocking local safety precautions.

All that, plus more of the week's top stories and Walt Rubel's commentary on the need for more transparency at Spaceport America.

This week, we continue our conversation with U.S. Senator Tom Udall, as he completes his career in Congress. 

Plus, New Mexico Democrats call for more stable revenue in the state, including the legalization of marijuana. 

And, we'll hear from President-elect Joe Biden's choice for Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, the first Hispanic person to lead the department.

KRWG News This Week - COVID-19 Surge; Election 2020 Reaction

Nov 18, 2020

KRWG News This Week looks at the COVID-19 surge and what it could mean for hospitals in the region.  We also continue our coverage of Election 2020.  This week, we'll talk with New Mexico State University professor Dwight Kealy, who notes the United States is more "purple" than "red" or "blue."  Plus: a portion of our interview with Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, as she completes her term in Congress.  Torres Small lost her re-election bid to Republican Yvette Herrell.  She talks about the loss, President Trump's refusal to concede his race, and what she hopes Congress can accomplish in the lame duck session.  That and much more during an extraordinary week for our region and the nation.

KRWG News This Week - Election 2020: Take 2, America?

Nov 12, 2020

A look back at an extraordinary election. 

We visit Santa Fe, where Trump loyalists protested in one of America’s most progressive cities. Then, a conversation with public radio reporter Nate Hegyi, who traveled more than 800 miles across the Mountain West in advance of the election. Dr. Nancy Baker, Professor Emeritus of Government at New Mexico State University, discusses the grave threats posed by President Donald Trump.  And New Mexico U.S. Senator Tom Udall comments on Trump’s actions and President-Elect Joe Biden’s return to Washington.  Plus: Las Cruces area officials welcome Biden’s win, as do immigrant rights groups.

On the premiere of KRWG News This Week, our program is dedicated to Election 2020.  Fred Martino looks at the New Mexico U.S. Senate race and the 2nd District Congressional contest, one of the closest House races in the nation.  Fred also examines the healthcare and Social Security plans of President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden.

We'll also hear from young voters, members of New Mexico State University's College Democrats and College Republicans.

And, we'll travel across the border, where asylum seekers are closely watching the Presidential race.

That and much more in this unprecedented election preview.