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Technical Questions/Report Problems

5/18/23 3:15 PM | We have restored service for Television and Radio in Silver City, NM for now. Thank you for your patience and for being a valued listener/viewer!

Please check our Outage Updates page for information on any current KRWG-TV or KRWG-FM outages.

Our live streaming services are always available by clicking "All Streams" on the Navigation Bar above to listen to KRWG-FM or to watch KRWG-TV programs live on any computer, click this link: https://video.krwg.org/livestream/

If you experience technical questions, difficulties, or an outage of the KRWG-TV or KRWG-FM signal or the KRWG-FM online stream, you may contact us by sending an e-mail to:  krwg_outage@nmsu.edu or calling 575-646-2743.
We work to correct problems as soon as possible.

Rescanning your TV will frequently fix most reception issues. The video below provides basic instructions on the rescan process: 

How to Rescan Your TV to Get Channels with Antenna