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Become a KRWG Underwriter

Did you know that KRWG Public Media has the widest reach of users in southern New Mexico and West Texas?

Combined with TV, Radio, social media, and an online digital presence, the KRWG Public Media audience is loyal, affluent, and diverse which provides a perfect audience delivery system for any business looking for an alternative to the commercial media clutter.

While most commercial stations air 12 – 14 minutes of commercials an hour, our messaging is limited to less than 9 15-second messages per hour. This allows your business to reach your target audience in a smart and cost-effective manner.

For information about program underwriting at KRWG, please contact:

Edmundo Resendez
Phone: 575.646.4918
Email: mrmundo@nmsu.edu
Director of Development

Special Interest Underwriting:

KRWG Public Media does not accept paid political announcements. KRWG Public Media reserves the right to refuse underwriting from PACs (Political Action Committees), political organizations, individuals, and other organizations on topics dealing with legislation, legislative issues, government actions, political platforms, etc. Moreover, KRWG Public Media reserves the right to refuse any underwriting it deems as not in the best interest of the station and/or its licensee or to terminate an underwriting contract at any time.