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Editorial Policy

The KRWG Editorial Policy is presented below.

KRWG recognizes the NPR Ethics Handbook.  More information available here.

For each post here at www.krwg.org, the byline states "News Editor And Partners" or may include the name of the editor who posted the story.  The editor may use copy from a variety of sources, but is not necessarily the original writer of the material presented online.  Editors also change copy based on KRWG editorial standards.  Attribution is provided to official sources and other news organizations, including the Associated Press and material provided to the Associated Press by news outlets.

KRWG posts "Local Viewpoints" and content from other sources worldwide which are named and assume full responsibility for the content submitted to KRWG.  The source of this material must be noted in the post.  We also invite responses to "Local Viewpoints" columns.  These responses may be:  1) Full commentaries addressing the issue; or 2) A response to particular statements  posted at www.krwg.org .  The responses will also be posted at www.krwg.org, provided that an individual or an organization is willing to assume credit for the response.  

If you have any questions about posts online, or on radio/television, please feel free to contact us.  We also welcome comments, news releases, Local Viewpoints submissions, and links to your photos and videos.

Contact us by sending an e-mail to:


Thank you for supporting KRWG.

KRWG Editorial Policy

As with other university, educational, and state public broadcasting licensees, KRWG maintains a policy of editorial independence. As such, KRWG and New Mexico State University are educational institutions which value academic freedom and editorial integrity in all areas of operations.  Editorial integrity in the operation of KRWG means the responsible application of a free and independent decision-making process by KRWG station management, which is ultimately accountable to the public.  We recognize that our broadcasting activities must be perceived to be independent, honest and of the highest quality.

As articulated within the 2012 updated CPB Code of Editorial Integrity:

We earn the public’s trust through the quality and excellence of our work, the inclusion and reflection of the diversity of our communities, and a commitment to defined professional standards and practices.

We take specific steps to ascertain and understand community needs, issues, and interests; to assure respect and civility in our forums and discussions and impartiality and objectivity in our coverage of complex and controversial matters; and to be accessible to those who use our services and the community as a whole.

Our standards apply to all the content we produce and present, regardless of subject matter, including news, science, history, information and cultural content. They apply across all the channels and platforms we use – broadcasting, online, social media, print, and in-person events.

This policy is a confirmation of the journalistic and programming independence of KRWG, as practiced in its 50-year history licensed by the NMSU Board of Regents. It is based on the historic independence of public broadcasting and as articulated in the 1986 “Statement of Principles of Editorial Integrity in Public Broadcasting,” and the 2012 “Code of Editorial Integrity” sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

This is a noncommercial enterprise, reflecting the worthy purpose of the federal and state governments to provide education and cultural enrichment to its citizens. KRWG’s Mission, Vision and Value Statements clearly articulate this commitment.

Public broadcasting should operate in “the public interest, convenience and necessity.” Therefore NMSU’s Public broadcasting stations are subject to a variety of federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements. They are also protected by the first amendment which guarantees a free press and freedom of speech.  All of us who influence and affectthe operations of the stations are and will be committed to respect and follow the legal and constitutional framework within which we operate.

KRWG Election Forum/Debate Policy:

For election forums/debates produced by KRWG Public Media, we will invite all candidates who have legally qualified to be listed on the ballot and have an active campaign.  An active campaign would be illustrated by appearances at other events, campaign promotion, and a volunteer and/or paid staff (this list is not all inclusive).

Sometimes, invitations do not receive a response or are declined.  If this occurs, we may still hold the forum or debate.
Depending on the circumstances, we may also elect to conduct interviews in advance of the election.
However, the normal protocol will be to produce the forum or debate as planned.