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KRWG Local Viewpoints Policy

KRWG welcomes submission of Local Viewpoints.  When commenting, please keep in mind that people of all ages may view your work.  KRWG retains editorial discretion when deciding whether to post material online.

Posts and comments are subject to the following rules:

  1. A post may not violate any law.
  2. A post may not be threatening or abusive.
  3. A post may not, in KRWG’s sole discretion, be libelous (30-11-1 NMSA 1978).
  4. A post may not contain commercial advertisements or endorsements.
  5. A post may not be repetitive of prior commentary by the same individual.
  6. A post may not contain links to other sites that violate NMSU’s Social Media Rules.
  7. A post may not condone or encourage illegal activity.
  8. A post may not contain profanity.
  9. A post may not be discriminatory in nature (on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, retaliation, serious medical condition, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, spousal affiliation, or veteran status).
  10. A post may not violate any NMSU policies or procedures including Rule 3.63 of NMSU’s Administrative Rules and Procedures, the Student Code of Conduct.
  11. Statements of fact should refer to a credible source, such as a government website, and should include a link to the specific source material.
  12. While this list provides some detail, KRWG reserves the right to consider unforeseen factors when deciding whether to post a submission.