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Rhythmica! When the choir becomes the percussion and a marimba sings

Leora Zeitlin

Usually percussion in a choral concert will accompany the singers, perhaps with some bold rhythms but mostly in the background. Contemporary composer Gene Koshinski turns that convention on its head in a composition that will be performed this weekend by the combined NMSU choirs under the direction of David Klement. Marimba soloist and NMSU faculty member Mike Armendariz and Klement discuss the work with Intermezzo host Leora Zeitlin, pointing out how the choir is in the background singing percussive rhythms and sounds, while Armendariz makes the expressive marimba sing.  Along with the ethereal music of Arvo Part, and works by Morton Lauridsen, Gabriel Faure and Mozart, the concert explores a wide range of rhythmic and melodic possibilities.