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100-Year History of U.S./Mexico Borderland Gangs - El Paso/Juarez/Las Cruces

Mike Tapia at KRWG FM studios.
Back Cover - "Gangs of the El Paso-Juarez Borderland"

Las Cruces, NM – On this edition of PUENTES a la comunidad, bridges to the community, host Emily Guerra met with New Mexico State University Department of Criminal Justice Associate Professor, Dr. Mike Tapia, about his new book “Gangs of the El Paso-Juárez Borderland.”

Tapia examines a one-hundred-year history of gangs from both sides of the border of West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Northern Chihuahua, Mexico. In this interview Tapia talks about the lifestyle and language of gangs from other parts of Texas compared to the Southwest border and discusses the future of gangs. 

COAS Bookstore in downtown Las Cruces will host a book signing event on Saturday, December 21st from   1 p.m. to 3 p.m. “Gangs of the El Paso-Juárez Borderland,” published by University of New Mexico Press, is also available at the Barnes & Noble bookstore located on the NMSU campus and at the Fountains at Farah in El Paso, Texas, and through Amazon. Tapia’s first book on gangs was published in 2017 - “The Barrio Gangs of San Antonio, 1915-2015.”