Russian ballet dancer Marina Fliagina shares her talents with local dancers

Aug 6, 2015

Ballet dancers Monique Foster and Marina Fliagina
Credit Leora Zeitlin

Young Las Cruces ballet dancers have been working hard during a week-long intensive course with Russian dancer, choreographer and ballet mistress Marina Fliagina ­-- taking classes, learning a dance from the classic repertoire, and discussing the background of composers and choreographers they are studying. Fliagina has a long-time friendship with Monique Foster, founder and artistic director of the Las Cruces School of Dance and Music, where she has been artist-in-residence for the second summer in a row. Fliagina and Foster came to the KRWG studios to talk with Intermezzo host Leora Zeitlin about dance, music, and a collaboration that will bring the State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara to the region next spring.