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New Mexico Rural Heritage

The New Mexico Rural Heritage Oral History Project is a collaboration between anthropologists at New Mexico State University and the Oral History Program at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The goal of the project was to record the memories of New Mexicans who grew up in rural parts of the state in the first half of the twentieth century. This podcast brings together some of those stories.

The project was made possible in part by a grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council. Additional funding is provided by the Loomis Foundation and the Southwest and Border Cultures Institute at New Mexico State University.


Inquiries about the New Mexico Rural Heritage Oral History Project can be submitted to the project directors, Dr. Kelly Jenks (kljenks@nmsu.edu) and Dr. Mary Alice Scott (mscott2@nmsu.edu). Transcripts of the interviews will be made available through the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum as they are completed. For information about the museum’s Oral History Program, and to search through their existing collections, visit http://oralhistory.nmfarmandranchmuseum.org/.  

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