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Firefighters Reported to Have Contained 42 Percent of Nogal Canyon Fire

Southwest Area Incident Management Team

On Sunday, officials reported that firefighters have successfully contained 42% of the Nogal Canyon fire with a hand-built line along the ridge on the western perimeter. The fire was reported to be at 433 acres.

On Saturday, officials said that evacuation and pre-evacuation (SET status) notices were lifted and residents began to re-enter the area. However, hazard tree removal and other work restricts traffic beyond 399 Canyon Rd.

Emergency response officials said that residents will need to continue using caution as we have fire personnel in the area and the fire is still active. Officials said that only residents only will be permitted entry. Hunters/Campers will not be allowed in the area until further notice.

Officials said the public can call the fire information line at 505-356-2636.