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Athletic, Activity Protocols Shift Amid Rising COVID Numbers

LAS CRUCES, NM -  In response to rising cases of COVID-19 infections in Doña Ana County, Las Cruces Public Schools will begin immediate implementation of enhanced COVID-safe practices at all indoor athletic events and school activities. This measure is an effort to stem further spread of the virus in our community.  

Effective immediately, LCPS will reinstate a social distancing protocol inside all gymnasiums and auditoriums. Beginning Friday, spectators will notice marked locations for available seating on bleachers and seating areas in all school buildings. Concession stands for events will be closed beginning Monday, Jan. 24 and food and drink will be prohibited at all events to encourage 100% mask compliance.  

“These measures are our best line of prevention right now,” said LCPS Superintendent Ralph Ramos. “I want to see championships and musical performances. I want our parents to be able to watch their students perform and finish this season with spectators in the stands. Please know that I appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this, and I encourage you to do your part to keep our schools and community safe.” 

Ramos added that he hopes the new protocols are temporary and that as infection rates decrease, these measures can be revisited.  

The district tracks positive cases of COVID-19 as they are reported to LCPS. A dashboard with additional information can be found here.