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Las Cruces Police Department Launches Text Updates for 911 Callers

  The Las Cruces Police Department (LCPD) is working to improve efficiency and customer service for those must call 911 to report an incident.

LCPD will soon begin using a new communication platform called SPIDR Tech. Based on the priority level of a call made to 911 for police response, the platform may integrate text messaging to the caller's cellphone to provide notification that their call has been logged, placed into a priority queue or provided an incident number. Also depending on the priority level of a call, some callers may be notified of an option to create a report online or that responders could be delayed in their response.

Callers may begin receiving these text message responses this week as the service begins Wednesday, November 17. Message recipients will receive a survey following the response. Survey questions inquire about overall satisfaction, timeliness of the response and more. 

Not all calls will trigger a message acknowledgement including 911 hang-ups, and other calls that can effect officer or citizen safety.  As LCPD further integrates the SPIDR Tech system into calls, crime victims or reporting persons may receive follow-up notifications like whether an arrest has been made or if there is other case related information that can be provided.

LCPD is committed to improving the relationship with the community. It believes better communication with the community can help to maintain a higher level of safety, security, and accountability.