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Effort To Encourage Voting Grows In Las Cruces Area

  The Doña Ana County Clerk’s office has announced the creation of an Election Advisory Council as a new strategy to expand voting across the county.

The Election Advisory Council (EAC) consists of a diverse group of community volunteers with a shared goal of increasing voter participation by increasing voter registration, improving voter turnout and improving the communication of election information.

The committee also will make recommendations regarding improved poll-worker recruitment and training, as well as improved implementation of election laws. 

Presentations will be made in Sunland Park, Anthony, Mesilla and to the Doña Ana County Commission to introduce the EAC to the community. The Las Cruces City Council was introduced to the concept at their April 4 regular meeting.

“As we continue to see low voter participation in Doña Ana County, it’s time to take voter registration directly to the people,” said Chief Deputy Clerk Scott Krahling.  “Moreover, we recognize the importance of getting our community involved in this goal to increase participation.  The bottom line is that that we care about people having access to vote, and there’s important work to be done to expand voting in our county. The creation of the advisory council is just the latest step in our ongoing outreach efforts.”

The EAC plans to continue to build on the success of the new outreach program, also implemented by the Bureau of Elections, which has successfully registered more than 300 new voters in the first quarter of 2016.  The EAC meets every third Tuesday at4 p.m. in Room 200 of the Doña County Government Center, and all meetings are open to the public.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Outreach Coordinator Samantha Ashley-Verdin at (575) 647-7421, ext. 6153. 


Information from Doña Ana County