New Mexico Democrats Release Statement In Response To Trump Visit To El Paso

Feb 11, 2019


Commentary: In response to Donald Trump’s visit to El Paso, TX, which is adjacent to New Mexico’s border communities, Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, released this statement:

“Like the forcible family separation policy and his extreme restrictions on immigration and asylum, Donald Trump’s visit is just one part of his plan to intentionally destabilize the Borderlands and sow chaos, something he thinks he can exploit for his reelection.

“But if Trump thinks he is going to tear apart our communities, he is as wrong as his immigration policy is immoral. New Mexicans (and Texans) are stronger than Trump’s words of hate. The U.S.-Mexico border is vibrant, diverse, and one of the most important economic centers in North America, and it will continue to thrive long after Donald Trump is out of office.

“However, New Mexico Democrats are not in El Paso today to change Donald Trump’s mind. We’re here to demand Republicans in Washington show some courage for once and cooperate with Democrats on implementing a fair, clear, and moral immigration system. The problems on the border, including New Mexico’s Bootheel, are of Trump and Republicans’ making, but they’ll only be solved by comprehensive immigration reform.

“Our governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham and New Mexico’s all-Democratic federal delegation are working tirelessly to finally make our immigration system reflect our values: Security, opportunity, and inclusion. They need good-faith partners if we have any hope of reversing the damage done by Republican neglect and the destructive actions Trump has taken to make it worse."