New Mexican Women Endorse Ben Ray Luján for Senate

Apr 23, 2019

Commentary: Today, nearly 300 New Mexicans announced their support of Congressman Ben Ray Luján for Senate. The women include local leaders, activists, teachers, health care professionals, retirees, and everyday New Mexicans who've said they are inspired by Luján's progressive vision for the state. Additionally, U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-NM) announced their endorsement of Lujan last week.

"I've known Ben Ray for years, and he has always been a leader that steps up for New Mexicans. As a native son, raised on a small family farm, Ben Ray understands that hard work and a commitment to community is what our families deserve. I am proud to support his candidacy because I know he'll continue to bring those values to his work every day and fight hardest for our right to health care, education, and women's reproductive freedom," said Diane Denish, the former Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico.  

"Ben Ray understands what our families and communities need and I couldn't be prouder to support his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. As a former school teacher in New Mexico, I know the potential for our students to innovate and succeed when supported. Ben Ray has championed extending broadband access to our schools and communities so students can learn and thrive. He's advocated for increased teacher pay and improved benefits and for more resources so students are not sent into the classroom hungry but instead ready to learn," said Kitty Perez, Vice President of the Sandoval County Federation of Democratic Women.

“Ben Ray believes in New Mexico and I know he'll serve our state exceptionally well in the U.S. Senate,” said Conny Maki, the former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Information Technology. “His commitment to our environment and to advancing clean energy solutions will help protect our world for future generations and keep our public lands beautiful. I have worked closely with Ben Ray as he's expanded high-speed Internet connectivity to our rural communities so all New Mexicans have access to the online education and medical opportunities they deserve. He is a champion for the people and I'm proud to endorse him."

“Ben Ray Luján has worked tirelessly to uplift our families and our communities, and I'm confident that he'll continue to be a champion for New Mexico in the U.S. Senate,” saidLela Holmes, a National Realtors Association Federal Political Coordinator.

"New Mexicans deserve leaders who will make health care, the environment, and our families their top priority. Ben Ray Luján is one of those leaders," said Linda Siegle, member of the Santa Fe Community College Board of Trustees. "He has tirelessly worked to lower the prices of prescription medication and protect the natural beauty of our state. He stands with us and I'm proud to stand with him."

"I've seen Ben Ray Luján fight for justice and the rights of others throughout his entire career and know he'll continue to be a champion for the people in the U.S. Senate," saidPatricia Madrid, former New Mexico Attorney General.

“Ben Ray has long been a champion for women’s and Native American issues and the arts. This is why I strongly support his candidacy for the U.S. Senate,” said  JoAnn Balzer,Native American Advocate and Arts Leader in New Mexico. “We need his strong voice in the Senate along with his knowledge, experience, and passion to support funding for the arts and innovation and Native American education and communities.”

"I have known Ben Ray Luján and his family for more than 25 years.  He is one of the strongest voices New Mexico has advocating for our values and our communities, and I am proud to endorse his candidacy for the U.S. Senate," said New Mexico State Senator Liz Stefanics. "We have worked together for the needs of the small rural communities while fighting for our freedoms and opportunities.  He is a champion for health care access, clean energy and the working women and men who contribute to our communities."

"New Mexican families deserve a champion who will put our health care, education, and environment first, which is why I'm proud to offer my support of Ben Ray Luján," saidJuliana Lucero, a Santa Fe resident. "Ben Ray knows that health care is a right and has worked since his very first term in Congress to ensure that all people have the right to see any medical provider."

"I've always known Ben Ray to put New Mexico and our families first, and I'm confident that Santa Fe and the entire state will be well-represented with Ben Ray in the U.S. Senate. As a community leader, I know he'll stand true to the commitment that working men and women are the backbone of this country,” said Louella Hardin, New Mexico resident.

"Ben Ray is a rare brand of public servant - one who puts his neighbors and communities first always. It is because of his commitment to New Mexico that I'm so proud to join the grassroots movement supporting his campaign for U.S. Senate," said Marjorie Germain, a New Mexico activist.

Additional Supporters:

Tina Cordova, Bernalillo County
Rev. Holly Beaumont, Santa Fe County
Bea Castellano, Santa Fe Count
Mona Martinez-Salopek, Dona Ana County
Sarah Abeyta, Bernalillo County
Mona Marquez, Santa Fe County
Emma Johnson Ortiz, Dona Ana County
Eliza Sultan, Santa Fe County
Nikki Panagopoulos, Valencia County
Jennifer Manzanares, Santa Fe County
Linda Valencia, San Juan County
Cristal Garcia, Bernalillo County
Sonrisa Garcia, Bernalillo County
Elva Santos, Bernalillo County
Carolyn Garcia Mack, Bernalillo County
Billie Helean, Sandoval County
Trudy Healy, Santa Fe County
Beaver North Cloud, Sandoval County
Jessica Duncan, Bernalillo County
Corina Preciado, Dona Ana County
Christina Chavarria, Taos County
Kim Casford, Rio Arriba County
Constance Williams, Curry County
Gayla Brumsfeld, Curry County
Pam Atherton, Curry County
Daisy Lira, Dona Ana County
Sue Taylor, Bernalillo County
Dee Zisman, Santa Fe County
Sally Torres, Dona Ana County
Mary Trujillo Mascarenas, Taos County
Yolanda Romero-Jaramillo, Colfax County
Amber Kanazbah Crotty, San Juan County
Dr. Bernadette Todacheene, San Juan
Carol Bowman Muskett, San Juan County
Christina Aspaas, San Juan County
Genevieve Jackson, San Juan County
Siobhan McCoy, Bernalillo County
Kimberly Johnston, Valencia County
Mary Jane C’de Baca, Santa Fe County
Alicia Lovato, Bernalillo County
Linda Baca, Bernalillo County
Erlinda Portillo, Dona Ana County
Laura Garcia, Dona Ana County
Dania Gardea, Dona Ana County
Roberta Cole, Santa Fe County
Gloria Alvarez, Santa Fe County
Liz Abeyta, Santa Fe County
Maddy Abeyta, Santa Fe County
Melissa Salazar, Santa Fe County
Juanita Salazar, Santa Fe County
Martha Abeyta, Santa Fe County
Rita Capitan, McKinley County
Lynda Lovejoy, Bernalillo County
Patricia Crespin, Las Vegas
Marilyn McClenahan, Rio Rancho
Elizabeth Faithorn, Medanales
Elizabeth Strong, Albuquerque
Sharon Opdyke, Albuquerque
Wendy Swanson, Los Alamos
Shirley Muniz, Santa Fe
Molly Smollett, Las Vegas
Yvonne Butcher, Albuquerque
Anna Baltz, Albuquerque
Rachel Feldman, Santa Fe
Elizabeth Johnson, Los Alamos
Ann Williams, Albuquerque
Sara Frothingham, TORC
Joy Pesonen, Santa Fe
Sylvia Thompson, Albuquerque
Lois Murphy, Albuquerque
Judy Ruffatto, Santa Fe
Martha Puryear, Santa Fe
Catherine A Louisell, Rowe
Palmira Perea, Albuquerque
Joanna Garcia, Albuquerque
Mindy DeMott, Santa Fe
Carol Oppenheimer, Washington
Victoria Montano, Albuquerque
Sue Rosenberg, Albuquerque
Sharlene Ellsworth, Taos
Sheree Livney, Arroyo Seco
JoAnn Anders, Rio Rancho
Patricia Carlton, Santa Fe
Gloria Rodriguez, Corrales
Ann Stern, La Jara
Melinda Tossani, Santa Fe
Susan Graham, Albuquerque
Ofelia Muenzer, Rio Rancho
Judy Paulsen, Corrales
Helen Crotty, Sandia Park
Dorothy Vaughan, Bosque Farms
Gaile Herling, Santa Fe
Marci Blaze, Corrales
Ellen Alexander, Santa Fe
Peg Borchardt, Albuquerque
Patricia Madrid, Buena Vista
Tania Chavez, Santa Fe
Mabel Ruiz, Las Cruces
Marcia Millenbah, Albuquerque
Faith Bowie, Santa Fe
Suzanne Taichert, Albuquerque
Joanna Prukop, Santa Fe
Lillian Snyder, Corrales
Geni Flores, Portales
Karen Davis, Albuquerque
Robin Merlo, Santa Fe
Mary Overpeck, Santa Fe
Sandra Jackson, Santa Fe
Gina Handy, Santa Fe
SatSundri Khalsa, Espanola
Ruth Agius, Santa Fe
Elizabeth Casanova, Las Vegas
Roberta Salazar-Henry, Las Cruces
Jo Jordan, Las  Vegas
Patricia Foschi, Santa Fe
Louise Martin, Albuquerque
Caroline Haagenstad, Los Alamos
Sandra Hoover, Corrales
Jytte Lokvig, PhD, Santa Fe
Jean Harris, Corrales
Madolyn Smith, Bloomfield
Lee Sides, Roswell
Martha Nolan, La Luz
Elaine Meizlish, Santa Fe
Barbara Anderson, Santa Fe
Deborah Schreifels, Santa Fe
Roberta Roozen, Albuquerque
Sharon Cooper, Las Cruces
Judy Weinrobe, Taos
Susan Cote, Corrales
Miranda Jeantete, Albuquerque
Becky Parker, Los Alamos
Katherine Gienger, Albuquerque
Sabra Moore, Abiquiu
Sharon Dogruel, Nambe
Victoria Murphy, Santa Fe
Sara Mitchell, Rio Rancho
Barcy Fox, Santa Fe
Diane Wood, Deming
Anna Medina, Albuquerque
Kathleen O'Connor, Santa FeSusan Torres, Santa Fe
Claudette DuBois, Santa Fe
Janet Shagam, Albuquerque
Theresa Trujeque, Corrales
Linda Tratechaud-Doezema, Santa Fe
Dolly Lujan, Santa Fe County
Priscilla Remke, Rio Rancho
Mary Drabbs, Albuquerque
Joan Earnshaw, Flora Vista
Susan Diaz, Albuquerque
Mary Ellen Gonzales, Santa Fe
Letitia Chambers, Santa Fe
Denise Parra, Albuquerque
Leanne Chattey, Santa Fe
Melissa Herren, Los Alamos
Carol Vigil, Espanola
Elizabeth B. Barnett, Albuquerque
Marta Willson, Placitas
Mary Helen Miller, Albuquerque
Jill Yeagley, Albuquerque
Kathleen Mezoff, Gallup
Carol Templeton, Albuquerque
Eleanor Wyckoff, Las Cruces
Deborah Altergott, Albuquerque
Jane Engel, Taos
Kathy Jackson, Santa Fe
Ketra Bock, Rio Rancho
Marie Lowe, Albuquerque
Patricia Pedersen, Santa Fe
Ada Rippberger, Albuquerque
Therese Barbarossa, Santa F
Kathleen Mancini, Albuquerque
Alix Bjorklund, Santa Fe
Frances Allred, Taos
Kim Fowler, Santa Fe
Caroline Macphee, Santa Fe
Carol Brown, Los Alamos
Jackie Coombes, Rio Rancho
Norma Skinner, Rio Rancho
Rhonda Turner, El Prado
Cynthia West, Santa Fe
Lenya Reese, Santa Fe
Eva Silva, Albuquerque
Dane Spencer, Santa Fe
Sydney Davis, Santa Fe
Edith Timken, Santa Fe
Marylin Abair, Taos
Londa Fowler, Albuquerque
Mary Pa, Santa Fe
Josephine Valencia, Santa Fe
Alicia Borrego, Farmington
Peggy McCauley, Albuquerque
Peggy Wells, Albuquerque
Sue Benedict, Santa Fe
Wendy Gordon, Santa Fe
Mari Ervin, Santa Fe
Patricia F Kontgis, Santa Fe
Gloria Valencia, Albuquerque
Kelly Schell, Albuquerque
Amy McConnell Franklin, Taos
Zsuzsanna Rossetter, Santa Fe
Ilona deBorhegyi, Santa Fe
JoAnne Weaver, Albuquerque
Caroline McMichael, Santa Fe
Estella Torrez, Las Cruces
Alice Wedd, Placitas
Pamela Demmer, Santa Fe
Lovie McGee, Albuquerque, MM
Thomasina Hannum, Albuquerque
Celia Einhorn, Tijeras
Linda Reams, Santa Fe
Naomi Milne, Santa Fe
Barbara Guss, Santa Fe
Fran Hardy, Lamy
Homa Nassiri, Los Alamos
Constance Shorr, Los Lunas
Maureen Polikoff, Albuquerque
Cindy Pendrey, Albuquerque
Linda Barlow, Santa Fe
Mary McNaughton, Santa Fe
Heather Armes, Albuquerque
Katherine Mortimer, Santa Fe
Amy Birnbaum, Los Alamos
Nancy Red Star, El Prado
Carol Price, Santa Fe
Melinda Bateman, Arroyo Seco
Ditas Valenzuela, Rio Rancho
Linda McCool, Roswell
Cindy Stanfield, Rio Rancho
Julie Rodriguez, Santa Fe
Sandi Dodge, Navajo
Sarah Martin, Albuquerque
Kat Sanchez, Las Cruces
Susan Thompson, Albuquerque
Sue Adams, Rio Rancho
Theresa Cardenas, Albuquerque
Jean Lovato, Chamisal
Gail Melpolder, La Luz
Marilyn M Forbes, Lamy
Christine Acklen, Albuquerque
Ellen Plunkett, Albuquerque
Gwendolyn Pomeroy, Santa Fe
Cindy Sommers, Albuquerque
Kaori Lopez, Penasco
Claire Biunno, Santa Fe
Robyn Romero, Albuquerque
Gay Dillingham, Santa Fe
Caroline Lawson, Albuquerque
Vivianne Clark, Santa Fe
Kay Reiswig, Los Alamos
Glenda Griswold, Santa Fe
Amy Schroth, Santa Fe
Margarita Perez Pulido, Albuquerque
Amy Acoya, Albuquerque
Sherri Burr, Albuquerque
Paula Miller, Santa Fe
Deborah Dapson, Rio Rancho
Patsy Block, Santa Fe
Annette Hobbs, Santa Fe
Terri Selvage, Santa Fe
Jaune Smith, Corrales
Julia Casados, Espanola
Margaret Palmer, Chama
Eileen Ireland, Las Vegas
La Joya Bonnell, Santa Fe
Mary Metz, Albuquerque
Margaret Albert, Raton
Marie Harding, Santa Fe
Ann Bagley, Rio Rancho
Dené Canon, Santa Fe
Patricia Burch Vaughn, Silver City
Jayne Schell, San Cristobal
Dianne Channell, Santa Fe
R.A.L. West, Taos
Angie Slingluff, Cochiti Lake
Frances Pavich, Lamy
Satjeet Pierson, Albuquerque
Karen Milstein, Santa Fe
Claire Weiner, Santa Fe
Angie Steinberger, Santa Fe
Janis Chambers, Farmington
Laura Lakin, Albuquerque