Las Cruces Public Schools Warning: Be Cautious of Fake Football Streaming Websites

Mar 13, 2021

Las Cruces – The district is aware of dozens of fake “Facebook Events” promoting a way to view athletic games via livestream through their site. These scammers are using generic athletic photos promising streams of local football games and spreading this information on different social media platforms. With COVID-19 disrupting the full capacity of sports fans attending the games in-person, now more than ever, it is time to be vigilant of these fake accounts claiming to provide local coverage of our games.

Here is an example of a fake account you may have seen on social:  


While some of these profiles appear to be legitimate, here are some ways you can protect yourself and your personal information from being compromised. Las Cruces Public Schools will never ask you for personal information such as credit card information, username or passwords for social media accounts, or any other personal information to view any of our athletic events.  

   These scammers and fictitious accounts are counting on people to click on their site, which often takes you to a video that appears to begin before prompting you to enter personal information to “register” to watch a game via livestream. If you see an account claiming to host a livestream and it asks you to register with a username of password, or any personal banking information, please leave that page immediately. Do not enter any personal information.  

Here are a few ways to stay safe on social media during your athletics seasons: 

  • Use common sense on social media. If it looks fishy, it probably is. Look at the host’s Facebook page and the event page. If there is no real information on the page or it looks like a phishing scheme, it probably is. 
  • Las Cruces Public Schools and other individual schools regularly stream their home games. Watch for their official school pages for links to games or call/email your school and ask them if they plan to stream their game and what the link to watch is. 
  • Use a unique password for every account you have. If someone does get hold of an email and password combo, it won’t help them if you don’t use that combination anywhere else. 
  • Most streams are on recognizable sites such as the school’s page, YouTube, Vimeo, or Livestream without clicking a link on Facebook. If you’ve never heard of the website, you are being directed to, be a little skeptical and ask if this is the correct site. 

The best way to keep you from getting your personal information compromised is by following the noted recommendations and help spread the word to the public about scammers taking advantage of this time - tricking parents and guardians who cannot attend the games in-person  

   Tonight's game - Centennial vs Oñate and tomorrow's game - Las Cruces vs Mayfield will be livestreamed. Each of the high schools have their own Vimeo channels to stream games that take place in locations other than the Field of Dreams Football stadium or the main field in the Soccer Complex. To view additional high school athletic games, please find the links below: 

High School Channels: 



Las Cruces: