Las Cruces Diocese Releases Personnel Files Of Those Accused Of Sexual Abuse; 14 More Accusations

Feb 11, 2019

  The Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces announced today that it has voluntarily released to the Office of the Attorney General the personnel files of the people included in the list of credibly accused persons published by the diocese on November 8, 2018. Here is a statement from the Diocese:


The Diocese is producing approximately 12,000 pages, including documentation related to the allegations of sexual abuse of minors the Diocese has received against these 28 individuals and how the allegations were addressed by the diocese. The released files are a result of a complete review of the personnel files and archives of clergy and staff that are held by the Diocese.

In his letter of September 4, 2018, the Attorney General stated that it was possible that information provided by the Diocese could be made public. Therefore, the Diocese has repeatedly asked the Attorney General for a confidentiality agreement which would protect victims’ personal information and other material, like medical records, which the Diocese cannot legally disclose due to statutory privileges such as HIPAA. Because that agreement was never received, it was necessary for the Diocese to redact this sensitive information from the documents given to the Attorney General.

In addition to those persons included in the November 8th list, the Diocese has added 13 priests to the list of persons who have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct with minors. None of these additional priests have had allegations against them while serving in the DoLC but have been included because they have been listed by another diocese as having credible allegations in those places.

The Diocese’s voluntary response to the Attorney General’s request is a major part of its efforts to address past misconduct and mismanagement and to ensure that these errors do not continue into the future. Bishop Gerald Kicanas said “In the past the Diocese of Las Cruces did not always address allegations of sexual misconduct appropriately clearly, grave mistakes were made. I am aware that the failures to address the harm done to children within the household of faith, have scandalized, hurt and angered many of our Catholic people and others. I deeply regret our past failings and I offer my heartfelt apology to those who have been injured or whose complaints were ignored. But apologies are not enough, we have to demonstrate our resolve in measurable ways.”

Publicizing the lists of credibly accused persons and voluntarily turning over these files to the Attorney General’s office are two steps in a continued effort by the Diocese of Las Cruces to uncover and account for past errors and to establish policies which will prevent their repetition.

Another concrete step that the Diocese has taken is the examination by a review board of every complaint of sexual misconduct received by the Diocese. This review board is made up of members of the judiciary, law enforcement, mental health and medical professions and other concerned parties from southern New Mexico. Additionally, the diocese seeks the advice of the review board on how to properly manage any future complaints.

For many years, the Diocese of Las Cruces has worked hard to address the problem of sexual abuse of minors through training and background checks for all employees and volunteers. Personnel are trained to understand their responsibility as mandatory reporters of any suspicion of abuse. The Diocese has also implemented the Circle of Grace program which includes the education of children to recognize and report boundary violations. Now, the Diocese is also focusing on the way that allegations are managed once they are received.

“I commit our diocese to ensure that all victims are treated justly and with respect. We must atone for past mistakes through appropriate actions and once we do that this difficult period will become a time of positive transformation.” said Bishop Kicanas.

The following thirteen priests, who spent some time serving in parishes currently a part of the Diocese of Las Cruces, have been added to the Diocese's list of persons with credible allegations of sexual abuse against minors. The diocese has not received complaints against them during the time they served here. Nevertheless, they are listed because credible allegations have been made against them in another diocese. We are publishing their names in case anyone has a complaint against these priests during the time they served in this diocese. If so they should contact local authorities immediately and then contact Margarita Martinez- the Victim's Assistance Coordinator for the Diocese- at (575) 523-7577 or

Angeli, Joseph        San Jose, La Mesa/ OL Guadalupe, Tortugas

Listed by Diocese of San Antonio  

Boardway, Alphonse              Holy Cross Retreat Center

Listed by Diocese of Lubbock

Galvan, Lucas         St. Genevieve        

Criminal Conviction in Colorado

Griego, Sabine        St. Eleanor, Ruidoso             

Listed by Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Hay, James B.        ICC, Alamogordo           

Listed by Diocese of El Paso

Keegan, Austin Peter             Infant Jesus, Hurley       

Listed by Diocese of Santa Rosa

Kirsch, Robert         St. Eleanor, Ruidoso             

Listed by Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Lynn, Clive             St. Rita, Carrizozo         

Listed by Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Nesome, Richard           OL Purification       

Listed by Diocese of El Paso

Porter, James         OL Perpetual Help, TorC       

Listed by Archdiocese of Santa Fe


Roure, Emilio          OL Guadalupe, Tortugas       

Listed by Diocese of El Paso

Schreiber, Lawrence              St. Peter, Roswell          

Listed by Diocese of Gallup

Trevino, Robert              Holloman AFB       

Listed by Diocese of Corpus Christi


The Diocese of Las Cruces’ Sexual Abuse Review Board has voted to include the name of a volunteer teacher at Holy Cross School in the list of credibly accused persons because of a criminal conviction related to sexual abuse of a minor.

Vau, Gary       Volunteer Teacher, Holy Cross School

Criminal Conviction, Las Cruces