Las Cruces: Citizen Survey Results Support New Strategic Plan

Jul 26, 2017

  Commentary: The latest National Citizen Survey conducted by the City of Las Cruces shows that nearly three-quarters of Las Crucens surveyed positively rated their overall quality of life. The same number favorably rated their neighborhood as a place to live, while about 6 in 10 were pleased with the overall image and appearance of the City. About 8 in 10 residents indicated that they planned to remain in the Las Cruces for the next five years and would recommend living in Las Cruces to someone who asked.


The survey was conducted from January through March of this year. Of the 1,500 surveys mailed, 1,011 were completed. They included 666 online surveys and 345 mailed surveys.


“What we found interesting is how the survey results parallel the recently developed, five-year Strategic Plan approved by City Council on July 17,” said Assistant City Manager William Studer.


“If you look at the Strategic Plan and areas the survey indicates need improving, I think you’ll find a pretty good correlation,” Studer said. “It indicates that City Councilors have reflected really well what their constituents have told them, because clearly, the direction the Council is leading us over the next five years is part of the direction that the survey indicates we probably ought to be going in.”


Areas the survey showed need improvement include quality of business and service establishments, which are among those addressed in the 20 priorities of new Strategic Plan; the relationship between the business community and the City will be strengthened by a one-stop shop for licensing and permitting, more small businesses located downtown and at the West Mesa Industrial Park, among others.


Another area is quality education. The Strategic Plan addresses that by offering internships, apprenticeships and mentorship programs to the community; enhancing early childhood education with access to an interactive children’s museum; and information and referral services for families with young children will be integrated into all appropriate City services.


Complete survey results can be accessed on the City’s website at and entering the word SURVEY in the search box. The new Strategic Plan and Mission Statement is on the home page under Hot Topics.