Las Cruces Area Animal Services Center Not Taking In Strays Until September 15

Aug 31, 2018

 In order to contain and eradicate the outbreak of distemper at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley, the facility is unable to accept the impoundment of stray animals until Sept 15. During that time frame, people who find stray animals should follow the reporting requirements of the local animal control code.

   Specifically, contact the ASCMV at (575) 382-0018 and make a Found Animal Report within 24 hours of obtaining the animal, then have the animal checked for an identification micro-chip.

   Animal Control Officers, local veterinarians and local animal non-profit groups are equipped to scan for the microchips and may be able to assist with reuniting the animal with its owner.

   If the animal is not micro-chipped, contact local non-profits to determine if they have space for a stray. Alternatively, hold the animal until an owner files a Missing Animal Report, which can be matched to the Found Animal Report.

   Anyone deciding to hold a stray animal should exercise caution regarding socializing the stray animal with family members and household pets.

   Local veterinary offices and/or local animal charities may be able to assist in determining the health condition of any and all animals. Unless cleared for socialization, stray animals should be kept isolated from household pets, but always with access to sufficient food, water, deep shade and shelter.