KRWG News This Week - Calls On Herrell To Resign; Return To In-Person Learning?

Feb 4, 2021

This week, two in-depth local reports on very different controversial issues.  The Las Cruces City Council condemed Rep. Yvette Herrell's vote against certification of some votes in the Presidential election.  We'll also take you to a Las Cruces School Board meeting that went for hours, as the Board debated a return to in-person learning.  It's part of a future hybrid plan, in which students spend part of the week at school while still learning at home.

We'll also take y0u to Santa Fe for the latest on the New Mexico legislative session.  That includes a conversation with Rep. Angelica Rubio, who is one of the legislators pushing for a paid sick leave law in the state.  We'll examine continuing efforts to reign in high interest short-term loans in the state.  And, we'll hear about a statewide effort asking Rep. Yvette Herrell to resign after her vote against certification of some votes in the Presidential election.

All that, plus the week's other top stories and commentator Walt Rubel's thoughts on allowing fans to participate in Superbowl Sunday during the pandemic.