House Republicans Blast Democratic Legislation

Feb 4, 2019

Commentary: Denying textbooks to all students, disenfranchising voters and prohibiting pro-life New Mexicans from testifying were all part of a barrage of actions from House Democrats on Friday.  Taking votes late into the evening, House Democrats are hoping New Mexicans will forget their efforts to push unpopular laws upon the state with little public input.

“House Democrats may be forcing these bills on New Mexicans so quickly because they hope a few years down the road, we’ll forget,” said Rep. Jim Townsend (R-Artesia) “they couldn’t be more wrong.”

House Democrats Pass Law Subjecting New Mexico’s Voters to the National Vote

Late Friday evening House Democrats voted to pass House Bill 55 (HB 55) which would require New Mexico’s presidential electoral votes to be awarded to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of the will of the voters in the state. Despite bipartisan opposition, House Democrats waited until nearly 10pm on Friday to pass the measure by a vote of 41-27. Under HB 55, even if New Mexico’s voters choose a different candidate, the state’s electoral votes would be required to go to the winner of the national popular vote.

“Under this bill, the East and West coast will determine the President and it diminishes the impact of votes and our state on a national stage,” said Rep. Bill Rehm (R-Albuquerque). “We shouldn’t let out-of-state interests dictate what out voters want.”

House Democrats Fight Against School Books for All New Mexico Children

House Democrats fought for three hours to deny schoolbooks for thousands of New Mexico’s private school students. In a 43-23 vote cast late Friday evening, House Democrats voted unanimously to pass House 45 (HB 45) which excludes private school students from receiving textbooks even though their families pay taxes and books may sit unused in a repository. In December, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled private school children are allowed to receive textbooks yet House Democrats passed HB 45 in order to take them back.

“This bill discriminates against religious schools in New Mexico, plain and simple,” said Rep. Rod Montoya (R-Farmington). “Every student in New Mexico deserves a textbook to help them learn regardless of their religion.”

“It is abhorrent that Democrats feel there’s enough money to give $300 million to Hollywood yet thousands of New Mexico students don’t deserve books,” said Rep. Alonzo Baldonado (R-Los Lunas.)

“Every child in New Mexico deserves to have a text book,” said Rep. Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences). “My amendment fought to fully fund textbooks for all New Mexico students and House Democrats considered it ‘unfriendly.’ Who are they really fighting for?”

House Democrats Deny Pro-Life New Mexicans the Opportunity to Speak and Pass Radical Abortion Bill

House Democrats shut out dozens of Pro-Life New Mexicans from speaking against the pro-abortion House Bill 51 (HB 51). Democrats then voted unanimously to move HB 51 forward, which will take away critical protections for medical workers and patients when it comes to abortion.

“A life of a child is a life worth protecting,” said Rep. Jim Townsend (R-Artesia). “In New Mexico we allow a process for aborting a child that would be illegal if it were performed on an animal. It’s not about health care, it’s about life.”

HB 51 takes away protections for medical personnel who do not want to participate in an abortion. A recent poll of New Mexicans found over 72% oppose forcing medical professionals to perform abortions against their conscience or faith.

The bill now heads to the floor of the House of Representatives.