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Las Cruces voters approve GO Bonds for affordable housing

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On behalf of the Las Cruces Coalition for Attainable Housing, I want to thank the solid majority of city voters who approved $6 million in General Obligation Bonds to build more affordable housing in Las Cruces.

The Coalition also wants to thank the City Council, the Mayor and city staff for having the vision and leadership to place the question on the ballot and let the voters decide whether this is the best use of general obligation bond funds. Sixty-five percent of voters said yes!

Families and individuals with low-to-moderate income, who are fighting to pay rent or buy a home in today’s limited supply and soaring housing market, stand to benefit. This includes households like seniors and
veterans on fixed incomes, single parent families, entry level service workers, and millennials.

Affordable housing is generally defined as housing that costs no more than 30% of a household’s income before taxes. Because wages and retirement benefits have not kept up with the rising costs of housing, the city estimates there is a need for 5600 affordable housing units for low-to-moderate income households. While the new funding provides only a portion of what is needed to address today’s housing shortage, local funds can leverage more federal, state and private funds.

It has been said that housing is the first rung to economic opportunity. Families thrive better in safe, secure, stable and affordable housing. Children have better health and educational outcomes.

Thank you Las Cruces for supporting the hopes and longings of every Las Crucen to have access to a safe and stable place to call one’s own.

Beth Bardwell is with the Las Cruces Coalition for Attainable Housing.