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What answers do critics have for our national problems?

Commentary: President Biden's Administration is being attacked by critics for inflation, continuation of the Covid Pandemic and inability of Congress to pass voter-rights legislation. Let’s go through these issues one by one. Inflation was largely caused by high energy costs and supply-chain bottlenecks. Energy costs are set in the world market and heavily influenced by Saudi Arabia and Russia. Supply-chain issues occurred because of the severe downturn and sudden increase in demand  (over the past two years) due to the Covid Pandemic.

The Covid Pandemic would be under better control if most people had gotten life-saving vaccines. In some states and counties less than 50% are fully vaccinated-- due to misleading conspiracy theories about the safety of the vaccine.

Both Republicans and Democrats use to support voter-rights legislation. Recently, more conservative members of the Republican party convinced their colleagues that lower voter turnout is better for their conservative agenda—like tax cuts, appointing conservative Judges and less regulation. Consequently, all Republican Senators and Representatives now reject the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis voting Act.

Of course, Democrats in the Administration and Congress could have done a better messaging job, but all Republicans and two moderate Democratic Senators have done is obstruct--with no constructive answers to these issues. However, in 2017, Republicans passed tax cuts for Corporations and rich contributors--ignoring the filibuster rule—but can’t support voting rights for all Americans—WHAT A SHAME.