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Outrage Over Grocery Store Lines In New Mexico

Commentary: Many people in rural communities have few choices to get food, and some even have to go across the state border. The 75-person limit in New Mexico’s essential stores makes it impossible not to wait in line. Look across New Mexico: long lines are outside every store as New Mexicans scramble to get necessities.

The shutdowns, limits and collapsing economy are a result of the Lujan Grisham Administration’s decisions. Is this the beginning of the end for New Mexico?The Governor’s Office later said: “the state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line.”

False. The governor’s own rules have made this happen. Just look around—in any community. People are waiting hours in the cold for basic needs. Why is this happening to our state while things are getting back to normal in neighboring states?

The long waits are happening everywhere outside our groceries and other stores. They’re happening because of the governor’s Public Health Order restrictions. Some grocery stores are even closed. Why now, Governor, just before the holidays?

“The governor is dead wrong. The state is forcing people to stand in long lines," said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “I, myself, stood in line outside Walmart 40 minutes to get access to groceries. Seniors are also finding it tough during these long waits. Many New Mexicans live in rural areas and can’t travel long distances for food. It’s shameful that the Administration is politicizing this. People are struggling, really hurting now as a result of the governor’s mandate. These lines are real, painful, and it’s remarkable that the Administration has turned a blind eye to them.”