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Willie Madrid seeks reelection to New Mexico House District 53

Willie Madrid is seeking reelection to New Mexico's House District 53 seat.
Willie Madrid is seeking reelection to New Mexico's House District 53 seat.

Democratic District 53 State Representative Willie Madrid informed KRWG Public Media he was not available for an interview to discuss his reelection campaign. However, he did email a statement to KRWG News sharing why he is seeking reelection.

The following is from a statement from Willie Madrid, Democratic incumbent candidate for New Mexico House District 53:

“I am State Representative Willie Madrid for District 53, which includes Chaparral and parts of East Mesa and Sonoma Ranch. When I got into this role, I was an educator, a former coach, and as a pillar in my community, that wanted this platform to advocate for the people who were voiceless and overlooked for too long. Six years later, I can say that I have made significant contributions towards that goal.

As your State Representative I have worked and collaborated with my fellow representatives to bring money back to help fund much needed infrastructure projects. Such as Project Dragonfly and Project Longhorn to address East Mesa’s flood issues. Another infrastructure project I am proud of is the Chaparral Wastewater Access Gap Pilot with funding and assistance from USDA and EPA agencies. As for education, I can proudly say that I voted to increase teachers’ salaries across the board, put money into schools’ CTE programs across the district, and towards a wellness center for the teachers and staff of Las Cruces Public schools. And just this past season, I collaborated with Casa de Peregrinos, Dona Ana County, and a fellow legislator to fund the construction of the first phase of permanent food pantry in Chaparral to address a growing need in the community.

While I am proud of the work accomplished, I know there is still more to be done, and I am ready to keep working. If re-elected, I am committed to addressing the district’s most pressing needs, which includes protecting women’s rights to healthcare, and advocating for educators and kids across the state of New Mexico. I believe I can achieve these goals because I have the support of my fellow legislators, the support of AFT, NEA, and AFSCME, established relationships with heads of agencies of the state, and a great understanding of the funding mechanisms and processes that our state has.”

-Representative Willie D. Madrid