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Dry River Blues: ¡HONDO! ¡HONDO! is Exceptionally Handsome


Award winning playwright Neal Adelman joins Trevor Hodgkins on the dusty banks to discuss the new EP "Exceptionally Handsome" from his band ¡HONDO! ¡HONDO!

Listen in as they discuss the challenges of meshing guitar with keyboards, the similarities of songs to stage plays, and what an appropriate gift for a "Bandiversary" might be. (SPOILER ALERT: something made of paper...or a trophy)

BONUS MATERIAL: In this un-aired clip, Neal and Trevor discuss the Roger Miller tune My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died, its possible origins, and how it influences today. 

Trevor and Neal on Roger Miller's "My Uncle Used to Love Me (But She Died)"

Trevor Hodgkins was a jazz and blues host for KRWG.