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The best podcasts of 2022: 'Mother Country Radicals,' 'Normal Gossip' and more

A microphone for podcasting. (Business Wire)
A microphone for podcasting. (Business Wire)

Here & Now‘s Scott Tong talks about the year’s best podcasts with critic Nick Quah who writes for Vulture.

The best podcasts of 2022

Hosted by Zayd Dohrn, this podcast takes listeners back to the 1970s when the host’s parents, along with their friends in the Weather Underground Organization declared war on the United States. They were counter-culture radicals on the run from the FBI, and this show explored their history.

This podcast takes listeners to the two streets that comprise Provincetown, Massachusetts. Episodes follow host Mitra Kaboli navigating her first summer in P-Town and detailing the people she meets who call the tiny beach town home. There are stories of solitude, serendipity, artistry and history.

Craving some drama that doesn’t involve you in the slightest? “Normal Gossip” delivers. Each episode is packed with juicy, hot dirt from other listeners (with their names changed of course). Indulge your inner gossip with host Kelsey McKinney and a different guest for each installment.

This show puts out only one 3-minute episode per week, where the host — only identified as Kim — dives into frog facts and makes zany observations. Each episode highlights one frog. Make sure to tune in to the next episode to find out what the listener-voted frog of the year is.

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