Prepare For The Primary By Learning About The Candidates

May 5, 2018

Commentary: Another election is approaching.  It is imperative that we citizens know facts about candidates, their background and experience.  Those facts could reveal their fitness for the job.  It is not easy to find facts; facts that you the voter, will use to judge the character and integrity of a candidate. 

When I learn that a candidate recently changed a life-long party registration from Republican to Democrat, I become alert.  We have observed, sadly, politicians who vow to adhere to beliefs of the Democratic party under which they have registered, but act and vote contrary to that party's values.

I had the privilege of visiting with Democratic candidate for NM Representative District 33, Micaela Lara Cadena, a life-long Democrat.   Micaela has deep roots here and is well educated, attaining a Masters of Community and Regional Planning from the University of New Mexico.  All good.

But her professional work history is exceptional.

During the 2017 session, Micaela assisted the House Majority Leader in policy making, media and communications, giving her extensive experience in legislative procedures.  She serves as Research Director of Young Women United which improves the lives of women and families.  Her advocacy caused the state corrections department to move women from privately operated prisons to state-run facilities where treatment more effectively met their needs. She assisted in drafting a law to assure that inmates leaving custody will be apprised of any eligibility for Medicaid.

As her work experience illustrates, Micaela has developed incomparable contacts throughout New Mexico.  To me, this is the most outstanding asset of her candidacy.  Micaela will not have a "learning curve" period; she will hit the Roundhouse floor at a run, not a walk.