Las Cruces Boosts Funding For Municipal Court

Jul 17, 2017

Credit Las Cruces Municipal Court

The City of Las Cruces today announced plans to reallocate resources to Municipal Court to "more fully utilize the Court to benefit the public." The reallocation of funding will add a prosecutor and support staff in the City Attorney’s office who will be assigned to Municipal Court.

Municipal Court handles all violations of the City’s Municipal Code including DWI and petty misdemeanor cases.

“Municipal Court is one of the three branches of Las Cruces city government. After an evaluation of the court’s caseload, and examining it from a cost/benefit perspective, we found that the taxpaying public was not being fully served. So, the City decided to reallocate resources to Municipal Court prosecutions in order to maximize efficiency and comply with the City Charter,” said Mayor Ken Miyagishima.

“Las Cruces is a municipal home rule city, which provides for maximum local self-government. This change will help us meet that end. Revenues generated by Municipal Court remain in the city, which benefits public safety through local law enforcement,” said City Manager Stuart C. Ed.

Information from city of Las Cruces