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Las Cruces – Las Cruces Sun News Columnist Claudette Ortiz presents an unforgettable story about the value of empathy.

Las Cruces – With the aging population, a growing number of Americans are primary caregivers for elderly parents and other relatives. In this month's edition of "The Age Spot," Claudette Ortiz reflects on the role.

Las Cruces – In this month's edition of The Age Spot, Claudette Ortiz says....fear shouldn't get the best of us.

Las Cruces – Claudette Ortiz says...federal officials must find a solution to immigration reform...because the current system isn't working.

Las Cruces – Small towns don't always have the cultural attractions of big cities, but our monthly commentator says....small communities often have lots of big hearts.

Here's Claudette Ortiz with "The Age Spot"

Las Cruces – Around Independence Day, many of us think about those who have defended our freedom. That includes Claudette this month's edition of The Age Spot.

Las Cruces – It's graduation time again. And as we think of young men and women leaving home...potential and bright futures often come to mind. But commentator Claudette Ortiz tells us....she now thinks of something else....danger. In her monthly segment The Age Spot....Ortiz says....for years, those in military service have faced a frightening danger...the use of depleted uranium weapons.

Las Cruces – In this segment of the Age Spot, Claudette Ortiz reviews a special time with her father.

Las Cruces, NM – Our monthly commentary, The Age Spot, takes a walk in Hatch Valley for relections on the treasures of home and family.

Las Cruces, NM – Our monthly commentary, The Age Spot, takes a look at how every American needs to conserve energy to protect our way of life.