Jennie Curry Story Fest

Las Cruces, NM – On this edition of PUENTES a la comunidad, bridges to the community, host Emily Guerra met with Storytellers of Las Cruces participants, Douglas Jackson, Pat Gill, and Roma Subedi (eight-year-old Mesilla Park Elementary School student) to talk to us about the annual “Jennie Curry Story Fest.” The festival honors the founder of Storytellers of Las Cruces, Jennie George Curry, founded in 1927.

Las Cruces, NM - Preserving cultural heritage, moral teachings and the history of our ancestors are some of the many benefits of storytelling for present and future generations. When Jennie George Curry founded “Storytellers of Las Cruces” in 1927, she also believed that storytelling was a “service to the community,” and that “stories should be told anywhere and everywhere, to anyone and everyone.”