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Shaky Ground: Exploring seismic activity in the Permian Basin

Oil and gas refinery in Artesia, New Mexico.
Jonny Coker
Oil and gas refinery in Artesia, New Mexico.

On the program, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson passed away on September 1st. Commentator Walt Rubel shares his thoughts on covering the Richardson Administration. Also, we discuss an increase of seismicity in the Permian Basin, what's causing it, and what's being done to stop it. Jonny Coker talks with Dr. Katie Smye, a geoscientist and Co-principal Investigator of the Center for Injection and Seismicity Research at The University of Austin. Also, Jonny talks with Carlsbad Current-Argus journalist Adrian Hedden about his reporting on the Permian-basin oil industry. Catch up on recent stories and interviews on KRWG News This Week.