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County Commissioners Approve Detention Center Annual Inspection Report

The Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the annual county detention center inspection report Tuesday.

Commissioner Diana Murillo stressed upgrades to the center’s shower areas are needed.

“I did go into the cells of where the inmates are located, and the showers need a lot of improvement,” Murillo said. “I know the showers have been in there since the 90s I believe.”

Doña Ana County Detention Center Director Bryan Baker wrote in a statement to County Manager Fernando Macias that the shared shower areas are a documented issue and a plan to install stainless steel inserts is in the works.  Baker noted previous attempts to fix the showers, through treatments and new tile, have failed.

Macias gave additional context to the board about upcoming projects at the detention center.

“There's still other projects to come,” Macias said. “There's millions of dollars, millions, that this commission has committed to improvements at the detention center, including the complete overhaul of the heating and cooling system that is costing the county nearly 7 million. So, there is a very good track record in terms of improvements.”

Madison Staten was a Multimedia Reporter for KRWG Public Media from 2020-2022.