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Becky Corran To Be New Las Cruces District 5 City Councilor

Becky Corran

Becky Corran will represent District 5 on the Las Cruces City Council, taking over for current Councilor Gill Sorg who did not seek reelection. Like Sorg, Corran says she is dedicated to discussing climate change and wants to further conversations about sustainable growth.

“My top priority will really be bringing significant conversations about the development and growth of Las Cruces to the city council and to the constituents in District 5,” Corran said. “In the context of global climate change and social inequities that exist that we really have to think about like affordable housing and living wages.”

Corran says she also wants to address the social inequities within Las Cruces that the pandemic has exasperated.

“The pandemic has really exposed and brought to a lot of people's minds, the disparities that we experience,” Corran said. “The fact that clean air is a huge variable in whether or not you're able to breathe if you get COVID…those disparities in that context really brought me to thinking these decisions are made locally that affect people’s lives and health and livelihood that can change things and reduce those disparities.”

Madison Staten was a Multimedia Reporter for KRWG Public Media from 2020-2022.