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Vaccination From The Misinformation Virus Airs On KRWG-TV

As Covid 19 spread worldwide, Americans became increasingly polarized as to its reach, scope and effects. As a result, vaccinations for this and other diseases have become flash-points in communities across the country. 


VACCINATION FROM THE MISINFORMATION VIRUS airs Thursday, July 29 at 7 p.m. on KRWG-TV 22. It will be repeated Saturday, July 31 at 5 p.m. and Sunday, August 1 at 11 a.m.   This one-hour documentary will help parents and community leaders understand how important and safe vaccines are, how crucial they are to community health, and how they save millions of lives annually.  The program includes infectious disease experts, epidemiologists, pharmacists, physicians, and various academics with expertise in misinformation as well as health disparities.   

This program is being made available nationally, along with short elements for use by health care professionals and on social media. It has been created by Emmy © Award winning producer/director Chris Schueler.     

“Our lifespan for most of human history is short.  We had 40 years if we were lucky and 40% to 45% of kids, depending on the era of history, died before the age of 5.   So the idea that we get these long lives … we can expect to see our children grow up.  This is a gift of science.”          

Bette Korber, PhD Computational Biologist and Biophysicist

Los Alamos National Laboratory

“We started this program in 2017, after a conversation with infectious disease pediatrician,

Dr. Walter Dehority and in conjunction with the Immunization Practitioners Advisory Committee, so we’ve been in research over three years before we started filming,” explains producer/director Schueler.  “We started long before the pandemic, and thus address all vaccines, explaining the history and science while dispelling various myths.”

According to Brian Southwell, PhD a health communications professor at Duke and UNC Chapel Hill, “We have motivations for the information that we seek. We can be blind to information that really is at odds with what we thought was the way that the world worked.”  

More information and a free downloadable viewer guide can be found at www.themisinformationvirus.com