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Santa Teresa Port of Entry is Now Hazmat Certified


  As of May 3, 2021, the Santa Teresa Port of Entry (STPOE) has been approved to process both the importation and exportation of hazardous materials (hazmat) shipments. Products that are classified as hazmat are required to cross through a certified port of entry that complies with the appropriate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. The STPOE established a mobile containment unit which is designed to detect and isolate the release of any hazardous material. With this unit in place, the STPOE is now able to cross hazmat products which can include paint, airbags, batteries, and gaseous fuels.

With this new certification, the STPOE is a much-needed alternative for the region which previously only had one hazmat port. “Ysleta-Zaragoza used to be the only hazmat port in the region. This would make the Santa Teresa Port of Entry the only other hazmat-eligible port. We see that as good potential for the region and an opportunity for us to increase commercial traffic by 25 to 30 percent,” said Marco A. Grajeda, executive director of the New Mexico Border Authority.

During the past 20 years, the STPOE has grown substantially, reaching a new record for northbound commercial crossings with 140,993 trucks in 2020. Now that the STPOE can process hazmat shipments, commercial traffic is expected to increase, giving Santa Teresa another competitive advantage to recruit new businesses and jobs to New Mexico.