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New Mexico Health Secretary Gives Vaccination Distribution Update


The New Mexico Department of Health gave an update on the state’s vaccination efforts Wednesday, announcing a new call center to help register New Mexicans for the vaccine.

State Health Secretary Dr. Tracie Collins highlighted the high rate of vaccine administration in New Mexico and stressed the need for providers to report vaccination numbers to the state.

“At this point, we've had 106,525 doses delivered to New Mexico and per the report of vaccines administered, we've administered about 48,299,” Collins said. “Currently we have 74% of providers who are reporting. When we consider the projected total vaccines administered, we're looking at a range of about 62,000 to 68,500. Now according to the CDC, New Mexico has one of the highest administration rates in the country.”

She encouraged people to register for the vaccine—an action approximately 300,000 New Mexicans have already done online. Preparations are underway to launch a call center by the end of the week to help aid registration efforts, with the hope to reach populations that might not have internet access.

Collins says information concerning the next phase of vaccination is still forthcoming.

“We are very close to releasing information on that,” Collins said. “We really want to get this right the first time. We don't want to put something out and then recognize we didn't make the most thoughtful decision. And so, I'm working closely with the governor's office to make sure that we have everything aligned, as we think about what's best for the community and keeping us safe, and how we can do this, efficiently and effectively, given the limited supply.”