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Most Auto Burglaries are Preventable

The overwhelming majority of auto burglaries committed in Las Cruces are considered crimes of opportunity and occur when valuables are left in plain sight, and vehicles parked unattended and unlocked.

Most auto burglary perpetrators simply cruise neighborhoods or large parking lots peering through windows for items of value and checking for unlocked vehicles. Once inside a vehicle, a perpetrator needs only seconds to rummage through and steal valuables.

The Las Cruces Police Department recommends:

  • Remove valuables from vehicle and keep items of intrigue (backpacks, luggage, purses, wallets, packages, shopping bags, electronics, cash and loose change, etc.) out of sight.
  • Remove or properly secure tools and other valuables commonly kept in pickup beds.
  • Do not leave spare keys or garage door openers inside your vehicle.
  • Do not leave firearms or ammunition inside an unattended vehicle.
  • Roll up windows and keep doors locked when leaving vehicle unattended.
  • If possible, park in a well-lighted area or inside a garage.
  • Consider using a self-arming audible vehicle alarm system.
  • Consider installing a monitored home security system or a motion-sensor system – such as a Ring or Nest doorbell camera system that records images and sends alerts via cell phone when motion is detected.
  • Refrain from leaving your vehicle unlocked and unattended to run a quick errand or to pump gasoline.
  • Immediately report to police any suspicious behavior or activity.