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Powerful Message: New Mexico Launches COVID-19 Campaign

New Mexico state government has launched a series of public service announcements intended to highlight the personal stories of New Mexicans who have experienced first-hand the pain and suffering of COVID-19.

The videos underscore the importance of remaining physically distant and protecting public health.

The series is called “From the Frontline,” and features two doctors, a critical care nurse, a small business owner, and a Rio Rancho woman, Carolyn Sandberg, who lost her mother to COVID-19.

“People have got to listen. They’ve got to stay home to prevent this heartache,” said Carolyn Sandberg, whose mother was New Mexico’s sixth COVID-19 death. Her story, along with the others to be released throughout the week, will be shared on the governor’s social media feeds and available on the dedicated NMDOH COVID-19 website here.

New Mexicans who are willing to share their personal COVID-19 stories for inclusion in another series of PSAs are encouraged to contact judy.robinson@state.nm.us.