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Las Cruces Community Development Department Encourages Interactive Video Inspection

The City of Las Cruces Community Development Department has established standard operating procedures for interactive video inspection. In light of COVID-19 the Community Development Department encourages City residents to utilize Interactive Video Inspection.

Interactive Video Inspection is an alternative to on-site inspections that require prompt service, a follow up after an initial on-site inspection, or scheduling a more specific inspection time. Interactive Video Inspection uses a video call on a 4G smartphone or tablet in order to interact with the City inspector. People who want to use Interactive Video Inspection will need to install the free Google Duo app to be able to interface.

The process for Interactive Video Inspection is as follows:

  1. Schedule your Interactive Video Inspection.
  2. The City inspector will initiate the Interactive Video Inspection call to you at the time scheduled on your chosen platform, or app, and the inspector will walk you through the video call.
  3. The day after the inspection, results will be available on Accela.

Interactive Video Inspection is available for:

  • Re-inspections.
  • Small projects.
  • Rooftop solar (photovoltaic projects).
  • Electrical service upgrades.
  • Electrical reconnects.
  • Water heaters.
  • Gas line installations.
  • Parking shade structures.
  • Detached storage sheds.
  • Residential construction, except roof nailing and intermediates.
  • Follow-up inspections (must verify with the inspector).

New inspection types are always being added. Ask your City inspector if your project qualifies. City residents and commercial builders should note that based on the size and/or the complexity of a project, it may not be possible to complete the inspection via Interactive Video Inspection. In that case, the remote City inspector will partially approve the inspection and make every effort to route a field City inspector to complete the inspection the same day. If this is not possible, the City inspector will schedule a field inspection for the next business day.

To learn more about Interactive Video Inspection, call the Community Development Department at 575/528-3043 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.