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Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office to Host Celebration of Democracy


LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO -- On October 9, 2018 the Dona Ana County Clerk’s Office, in partnership with the Election Advisory Council, will host more than 300 students at its 2nd Annual Celebrating Democracy in Doña Ana County event.

At the event, students will learn about the cornerstones of our democratic process through games and informal discussions with candidates and public officials. Eligible students will also have the opportunity to register and, if they choose, cast their ballots in the midterm election.

October 9th is the only date in the 2018 midterm election in which one may register and vote on the same day in New Mexico.

“The Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office is excited to collaborate with our community on this important event that provides a unique educational opportunity to young people who call our county home. The overarching purpose of this event is to provide these students with education, exposure, and hands-on experience with government,” said Amanda López Askin, Doña Ana County Clerk.

The event will take place almost exclusively on the North Lawn adjacent to the Doña Ana County Government Center on Motel Boulevard in Las Cruces, with small groups of students participating in guided tours of the building.

“We know that demystifying government and the voting process is a big part of helping more people feel comfortable with engaging with those systems,” said Lindsey Bachman, Chief Deputy Clerk. “This is an opportunity to make local governance more meaningful and tangible for those students who previously may have never even visited a government building.”

Numerous volunteers and organizations came together to bring this event to young people in our community.  Among others, this event would not be possible without the efforts of the Election Advisory Council, Las Cruces Public Schools, Associated Students of New Mexico State University, NMSU’s Council of Collegiate Voters, the Doña Ana Democratic Party, the Doña Ana Republican Party, Indivisible Las Cruces, the League of Women Voters of Greater Las Cruces and New Mexico State University.

“The community effort that drove the event’s planning is so important. After all, we must all work together to continue to increase civic engagement and build a vibrant voting culture in Doña Ana County,” Askin said.