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Democrat Running For Congress Announces $132,000 Raised In Fourth Quarter

Commentary: SOCORRO--Mad Hildebrandt, Democratic candidate for New Mexico’s Second Congressional District, announced today that her campaign has raised over $132,000 from over 2,400 individual contributors during the final fundraising quarter of 2017.

The campaign’s received its contributions without the aid of any special interest or PAC. In addition to over $113,000 cash-on-hand, the campaign also has developed an extensive volunteer roster for mobilization efforts throughout the Second District. 
Madeline Hildebrandt provided the following statement:
“Our campaign’s successful fundraising and our grass-roots organizing demonstrate the power of popular sentiment. The people choose their own candidates, and reject those that are chosen for them. This district is comprised of many different counties, with various needs, but overall, our unifying message of giving voice to working families and rejecting powerful corporate interests is a unifying one.
“Democrats need to regain political strength in southern New Mexico. The path forward is inclusivity, not division. And that starts on the ground, not from the political establishment.”
Less than 1% of the campaign’s contributors have donated the maximum amount allowed by the FEC, with the average contribution at $50. Donors to the campaign are comprised of many first-time political contributors drawn from working-class people  from both New Mexico’s Second District and over 45 other states. This donor network represents a new message of economic and political justice, and are ready to repeat and amplify the success of this fundraising quarter again and again. Every dollar raised by this campaign goes to developing and nurturing a Second District infrastructure.
With its strong fourth quarter fundraising results, the Hildebrandt for New Mexico campaign has demonstrated that it has the ability to take its message of unity and forward thinking into both urban and rural, progressive and conservative communities across this district. This campaign has dedicated itself to providing a new voice for struggling, often forgotten communities of New Mexico. And, this campaign refuses to cede the small towns, and ranching and industrial sectors of southern New Mexico to the GOP.
For too long, Steve Pearce and Tea Party Republicans have locked southern New Mexico in their corporate-funded grip. We are not a district defined by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the modern, fiscally non-conservative Republican agenda. Together, we will take back the second district and take back our voice.
More information about Mad and her campaign is available at her website: www.mad4nm.com