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Film Business Alliance of New Mexico Holds Las Cruces Event


The New Mexico Film Business Alliance held a networking event in Las Cruces Thursday to help area businesses; artists and film professionals learn new ways to get involved in the film industry.

Matt Rauchberg, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Albuquerque Studios and Director of the Film Business Alliance of New Mexico says the alliance formed earlier this year includes every studio in New Mexico, individual film professionals and small businesses that cater to the film industry to help show how the industry can help economic development in New Mexico.

“And we formed this alliance both to get that message out,” Rauchberg said. “About what those impacts are and how effective the program is in creating jobs in New Mexico., but also to help support those businesses and to be a member support business and help new businesses or emerging businesses connect with the industry. We’re going to have a series of seminars, on how to connect your business with the industry.”

Rauchberg says they want to help small businesses navigate the film industry and some things filmmakers are concerned about when working with new businesses.

“One am I sure that they are a qualified New Mexico vendor so that I’ll get my rebate my tax incentive on that portion of the spend,” Rauchberg said. “Because if they find out later oh they’re not qualified, or they don’t really have a New Mexico Address or a New Mexico employee. They’re afraid of getting burned down the line. So they want to be sure that it’s actually a New Mexico business, owned by a New Mexico resident, employing New Mexicans. The other thing they want to be sure is people sort of understand the weird way the film industry works. We don’t work eight hour days.”

Rauchberg says they are also planning on marketing the entire New Mexico film industry to producers and studios in Los Angeles.

“We’re also going to be publishing what we call the 2017 Film and Television Sourcebook,” Rauchberg said. “Which is going to be a printed guide for producers to every service, crew member, vendor service, hotel or long term stay accommodation, whatever it is. All these services available for them in this printed book, which we’ll be delivering personally to every producer and studio in Los Angeles.

Rauchberg says they also plan on giving the source book to every member of the New Mexico legislature to show the wide-ranging effects of the film industry in the state.

For more information visit: http://www.fbanm.com/

Samantha Sonner was a multimedia reporter for KRWG- TV/FM.