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NMSU CAMP Program Looks At Student Accomplishments


The College Assistance Migrant Program at NMSU held their ninth annual poster expo, highlighting CAMP student experience in research, study abroad and internships.

Sophomore Joaquin Chavarria showed off research he did during a summer internship, and talked about his experience in the CAMP program. He says the program was instrumental in helping him complete his first year successfully.

“The experience for me was actually great,” Chavarria said. “Because we get tutors at the program when needed. And the workers, the staff there, really want to see your progress, and success at college.”

Freshman Itzel Cerecero says having a support system like CAMP helped her start college on the right foot.

“Since the year started every time I’ve needed help they’ve been there for me,” Cerecero said. “We have the tutoring sessions, they’re really helpful because sometimes you don’t know who to go to or like where other tutors are, and you just get a lot of help, with anything, even if it’s personal problems they’ll lead you to the right persons.”

Sarah Gallegos, Retention Advisor for the NMSU CAMP program, says by providing a comfortable place for new students to go, it makes adjusting to college easier.

“When your intimidated,” Gallegos said. “They’re already intimidated coming in as a minority, so to feel comfortable in a place, and want to come back, I think that’s important for retention. And being able to get the help that you need.”

Joaquin Chavarria says having other students who have gone through the same things makes it easy to get advice when you need it.

“I’ve always talked to them,” Chavarria said. “Like which classes should I take, they always kind of took me through the steps of being successful. They actually told me where they recommended me too, like if I was struggling in math, go to the math center. And just focus on school and stay in school, and even though it might get hard at times, just stick with it cause at the end it’s going to pay off.”

Itzel Cerecero says being a part of the CAMP program is having like having a second family to talk to.

“Everybody has experienced a lot of things that are similar,” Cerecero said. “What I’ve experience a lot of people in CAMP also have, so we do see a connection, and everybody does get along because they understand what you’ve been through. I think that’s really important because it is like a second family.”


Samantha Sonner was a multimedia reporter for KRWG- TV/FM.