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E-Cigarette Ban For Minors Approved By NM Legislature

  A bill that passed the New Mexico Senate and House prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes and nicotine liquid containers to minors. It also prohibits  minors from buying and using them and creates penalties for both the minor buyers and sellers, similar to tobacco products.

SB 433csa amends the Tobacco Products Act to:

·        include E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Liquid Containers (NLC);

·        prohibit sales of E-cigarettes and NLCs to minors;

·        require NLCs to be sold in child-resistant packages;

·        prohibit online internet sale of e-cigarettes and NLCs to a minor in New Mexico

·        Fines minors who buy the products

·        Provide penalties:

·         Misdemeanor- (same cigarette penalty imposed) for those selling to minor, for using containers unless they are child resistant

·         To seller

·         Fine not over $100 or 48 hours of community service for minors using them and uses false ID to buy them

·         Public Education Department to revise rules to include them

·         Effective Date- 90 days after adjournment

The sponsor of the bill is Senator John Ryan of Albuquerque.

“Addictive nicotine is addictive no matter what form it takes, and the sales of e-cigarettes  to minors should be banned just as nicotine-laced tobacco is prohibited for minors,”  said Ryan.

Information from NM Senate Republicans