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Red Ribbon Bash Raises Money, Hope for HIV/AIDS


A Las Cruces organization is working to give hope to those living with HIV and AIDS.

Once a year, the Red Ribbon Bash raises money for the southern New Mexico Aid & Comfort Program, providing money for insurance co-pays and medication costs for those with HIV and AIDS.
This year's theme was "Fire and Ice!" The event came together at the last minute. 

"Okay, I've got it and she said we're going to do this, this and this. And she did. And for those that were there it was just an amazing colorful event," said Donny Grooms, organizer for the event.

One of the event's organizers, Donny Grooms, said the disease affects a wide range of people.

"AIDS is non-discriminatory. It's male female, children, black, white, yellow green...whatever your color may be. It doesn't care, it just hits you," said Grooms.

Among those people affected by AIDS, some are young...very young. Four, five, and six year olds struggling with the disease for as many years.

There is a place where many of them come together once a year in New Mexico...Camp Orazones in Santa Fe.

This year, Red Ribbon Bash sponsors sent five kids to the camp.

"We've just completed our fourteenth year. And tiredly, I'm thinking about fifteen," said Grooms.

But a part of Donny wishes there wasn't going to be a fifteenth bash to plan.

"We'd like for one day for our organization to be not necessary, and that's a long ways off."