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Paintings on Colorful Oilcloth at the Branigan Cultural Center

Las Cruces, NM – On this edition of PUENTES a la comunidad, bridges to the community, host Emily Guerra spoke with El Paso Borderland Chicano Artist, Roberto Salas, about his recent exhibition, “Somos Hijo de Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin; Los Mantles de mi Abuela” “We Are Children of Motechuzoma Xocoyotzin; My Grandmother’s Tablecloths.” He was inspired by his grandmother’s flowery oilcloth tablecloths to use as his canvas. The exhibit is at the Branigan Cultural Center, 501 N. Main Street, Las Cruces, NM 88001 from April 5 – June 22. Free admission, with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. on April 5th. www.lascruces.gov/Museums; and www.robertosalas.com; Facebook and Instagram at #robertosalasartist.

We Are Children of Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin; My Grandmother's Tablecloths by Roberto Salas

Emily Guerra is the award-winning host of "Fiesta!", KRWG-FM's bilingual Latin music program, which airs weeknights from 7pm to 9pm. She also produces PUENTES, a feature that airs during our KRWG-FM newscasts and most Saturdays at 5pm on "KRWG News This Week."