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Social Security Insurance Disability Benefits New Qualifications for Covid

  Las Cruces, NM – On this edition of PUENTES a la comunidad, bridges to the community, host Emily Guerra spoke with El Paso Owner of Acosta Social Security Information Services, Juan Acosta, to bring awareness of new conditions to qualify for Social Security Insurance disability benefits connected with Covid-19 disability and death based on your work history. Conditions must establish 100% disability with a 12-month duration or end in death. Workers who are disabled/deceased must have 5 out of the last 10 years paid Social Security taxes or FICA with currently insured status. If Covid-19 caused the death of the worker, Social Security insurance can help the surviving family. The deceased worker must have at least 10 years of paying FICA. Information available at ssa.gov 1-800-772-1213; or with Acosta at 915-342-4399 or his webpage in Spanish – segurosocialinfo.com.