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Homelands: a book about friendships and migration from Mexico by Alfredo Corchado

Las Cruces, NM – Part one of a two-part interview on this edition of PUENTES, bridges to the community, with host Emily Guerra and with El Paso-based Mexico Border Correspondent for the Dallas Morning News, Alfredo Corchado, and Philadelphia-based Tequilas Restaurant owner, David Suro Piñera, about Corchado’s newest book: “Homelands: Four Friends, Two Countries and the fate of the Great Mexican-American Migration.” Suro was one of the three friends he developed a close bond with when he was so homesick in Philadelphia in 1986. The other two friends were Primitivo Rodriguez, human rights advocate and activist, and Ken Trujillo, Philadelphia-based lawyer, politician and business owner originally from New Mexico.

Corchado, award-winning journalist and author, also wrote “Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter’s Journey,” about Mexico’s violent drug wars. “Homelands” is about a more personal look at becoming an American along with his three closest friends, and how the economy and culture of America has changed over the past thirty years with immigrants from Mexico and around the world.

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