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One Man Show at Deming Arts Center



A painting of the Infant Jesus, Santo Nino de Atocha, by Joseph Manuel Chavez.
Religious art by Joseph Manuel Chavez from his website www.ArtedeChavez.com.

  February 14, 2014 – Las Cruces, NM - On this edition of PUENTES, Emily Guerra bridges the community with Santero Artist, Joseph Manuel Chavez. He is currently exhibiting 100 pieces of art at a One Man Show entitled “The Triumph of Faith” at the Deming Arts Center, 100 S. Gold.  Because of his representation of his faith through his art, he has also been commissioned by Rev. Enrique Lopez to create a mural at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Deming.

While traveling through Europe, Chavez discovered and became enamored with a traditional art form of painting on animal hides. He also specializes in copper engravings; silver jewelry; bronzes; retablos on wood, hide and tin; fine art paintings on linen canvas and ceramics; home and chapel restorations; and murals. For a list of accomplishments and to view some of his current artworks visit www.artedechavez.com.